The Ultimate Blogging Resource List: Essential Tools & Resources for Bloggers

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MailChimp lets you easily customize and brand your emails. You can use their range of templates or create your own.

You also have the ability to remove the MailChimp logo from the bottom of each email. MailChimp also provides thorough analytics that allows you to see how many subscribers have opened your email, which links were clicked the most frequently, how many people unsubscribed after receiving your email, and even how your response compares to the industry average.

Another great feature of Mailchimp is automation. On Mailchimp you can create and schedule automated emails that follow up on donations, questions, and more. MailChimp integrates with apps you already use, allows you to create beautiful, mobile-friendly landing pages, and even offers a mobile app. This is great news for nonprofits who are fairly new to the industry and have limited funds.

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Salesforce created the Nonprofit Success Pack specifically for nonprofits, with the intention of allowing nonprofits to focus on their impact. Over 30, nonprofits around the world use Salesforce, from small organizations working in a single community to multinational NGOs and foundations. The Nonprofit Success Pack features a flexible, open data architecture and pre-built constituent and donor management components. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack , being customized for nonprofits, helps your entire organization to cultivate donor relationships.

It enables nonprofits to observe every interaction with a funder or volunteer.

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Having a lot of information, organized in a systematic way, can help you establish and grow donor relationships, manage the donation cycle. One of the appealing features of NPSP is its ability to be configured for the needs, goals, and day-to-day processes of any organization with minimal custom programming. The tool is designed to grow with you. The idea behind Slack is to make communication and collaboration between coworkers easier.

The system is structured somewhat similarly to social media. When you create a channel, everyone can see what is going on in that channel. You can also create private channels where you can share confidential information with just a few team members. You also have the option of sending direct messages in order to reach one coworker quickly and directly.

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Slack keeps all of your team communication in one place so that all the emails, Whatsapp, or even Facebook and Skype messaging can reduce or end. This makes your team less likely to get lost in dispersed communication. Another advantage to Slack is that it can be integrated with many other web services: Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, to name but a few. You can share files, spreadsheets, links and more. You can search in Slack, as well as make calls and share your screen.

Slack is completely free to use. The Slack for Nonprofits program offers eligible organizations a free or discounted upgrade of one workspace to a paid plan. Here are the details:. Analytics is something every organization that maintains a website should do, for-profit or nonprofit. Google Analytics allows your nonprofit to track online conversions, both hard conversions and soft conversions. Hard conversions are ones that contribute directly to organizational operations or programs. Think online donations, volunteer registrations or form submissions for more information.

Soft conversions are online activities that lead to hard conversions.

Think of them as engagement steps, like downloading an annual report or visiting more than ten website pages. Wish you had information on how consumer behavior changes in relation to the seasons, holidays, and other special events? Think With Google's Marketer's Almanac offers interesting insights on how people browse and buy. You can filter by age, income, year, race, and location. SurveyMonkey is a powerful tool for creating in-depth surveys that will help you understand the market and consumer preferences.

Brainstorming Tools for Content Writing

Learn more about crafting a survey for market research here. Typeform shows viewers one form field at a time, and you can include multiple choice image options. It also employs people who will review your survey questions, so even if you are not a trained market researcher, you can get quality, actionable answers. Loop11 is a usability testing service that allows you to test even your competitors' websites -- any webpage, basically. You can create a form and recruit people to take the test through your own website or by using a partner service, such as Cint.

Editing and writing tools to make your content sparkle

Userlytics provides a platform for doing user testing of mobile apps, videos, display ads, and more. Sometimes you need a no-frills test to take the pulse of consumers. Temper allows you to add a question, grab a snippet of code, and pop it onto your website. The smiley face, "meh" face, and frown face make it easy for viewers to make a snap judgment.

The tool provides plenty of guidance throughout the process, making it really easy for you to sort through the information you have about your ideal audience. Ubersuggest is a simple tool for doing keyword and content research. You can input a phrase, and it'll spit out a long, alphabetized list of additional keywords. From economic conditions, to political attitudes, to social media usage, the Pew Research Center website has a ton of free research that you can use to better understand your target market.

Best of all, the site has a sleek UI and interactive charts that reveal more granular data as you hover over certain elements. Wow Harsh, there is so much to learn still, even after years of doing this whole blogging thing! I appreciate your expertise and sharing of all of these different tips. I learn something s new every single day! Hello, sir! That seems to be the best blogging tools list. I spent almost 1 hour going through each and every tool.

Hi, As you have mentioned GTMetrix is used to check website performance speed there is one more pingdom tool used to check the performance of website, but how to improve performance, which plugin should be should to minify the different scripts.

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Google Docs saves my work automatically, and I have it open next to other tabs. It makes researching a breeze. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Blogging Blogging is an art, and using the right blogging tools will make your art rise and shine!

Page Contents. Sharing is caring 1. Authored By Harsh Agrawal. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud Award winning blog , speaker at various international forums. Life motto: Live while you can! Canva really works great for creating great images and infographics Speaking of optimizing images I would recommend to add the EWWW image optimizer plugin free and premium for WordPress blogs. I specially liked the idea about using Quora as a keyword generator. Great idea! Regards, Akash. Sir very much thanks for this article,.

Great tools list Harsh! My takeaway is Blog promotion and Video editing tools. Can you also write a blog post on Google Chrome Extension tools? Thank You.

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Thanks for this whole list!