Stabat Mater

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Stabat mater dolorosa | work by Jacopone da Todi |

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The FULL Concert — all parts from the same work, with all voices undiminished to help you fine-tune your performance. Instrumental Version — simply the accompaniment, with no voices — perfect for testing your memory of the piece! Alternatively, you can: Download onto your iPhone via iTunes.

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Stabat MATER

You can help us by downloading the Master Class for this work, so we can afford to record more music for choirs everywhere. To power the systems, BH Audio fielded 24 channels of 10D front-fill and En-Space speakers and 32 channels of D80 for the main screen rig. At the heart of the Soundscape is the DS Signal Engine, a high-performance audio processor with Audinate Dante networking and a powerful 64 x 64 level and delay matrix with extensive in- and output processing.

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Stabat mater dolorosa

He composed his symphonies No. On December 8, , he premiered and conducted Symphony No.

It was a triumph. Unlike the Pastoral, the more Dionysian Seventh keeps listeners enthralled thanks as much to its vigorous classicism as to its expressive originality.

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The second movement, Allegretto in A minor, is the best known and has often been used in the cinema. German choreographer Uwe Scholz — liked to choreograph great orchestral works.

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