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When Cody Johnson first caught sight of structural engineer Abra Wilson, he thought of endless possibilities. She had style and confidence--and was distracting as hell. She'd called his design an impractical piece of fancy, but then, he'd always pref At twenty-five, Princess Adrianne of Jaquir, daughter of a fabled Hollywood beauty and an equally fabled Arab playboy, lives a life most people would envy.

Beautiful and elegant, she spends her days dabbling in ch What was a man to do when he came home and found a strange woman in his hot tub wearing nothing but exotic jewelry? If he was conservative architect Nathan Powell, he suggested -politely- that she get dressed The only game in town Johanna Patterson had worked long and hard to make a name for herself in a man's world -- and to forget the memories of an unhappy childhood.

Now she was a successful game show producer on her way The high price of fame meant learning to deal with obsessive fans. But this one was different. He was watching and waiting, and Chantel O'Hurley was afraid. Highland beauty, MacGregor prode Scotland, Against the bloody background of the Battle of Culloden, another war was waged and won--the price was honor, the victory, love. A flash of petticoats, a banner of red-gold hair--one look at Seren A woman who dared to dream and a man who had forgotten how. Though her name was up in lights, Maddy O'Hurley cared nothing for the trappings of stardom.

All that mattered was dancing. She moved in perfect harmony to the music that ruled her life bot Some virtues are negotiable The steamy summer streets of Washington are no match for the phone lines of Fantasy, Inc. The "hotline" works perfectly for its anonymous clients and the teachers and housewives wh The truth could not be told.

Abigail O'Hurley Rockwell was a desperate woman. Journalist Dylan Crosby was going to start digging up her past for the book he was writing about her infamous late husband. It was just research to him, but to her it was Burke Logan was a gambler, and luck had made him owner of Three Aces, one of the finest stables in Maryland. He'd come to Ireland to buy horses, but one look at Erin McKinnon's fiery beauty told him that he'd be leaving with a whole lot more.

Erin M Who was that masked man? His trade was creating heroes, but comic book writer Mitch Dempsey had never seen himself as one. But something about Hester Wallace, the shy single mom who moved in upstairs, made him long to protect, honor and love her Some sins are unforgivable There's no escaping the sizzling heat of the Washington summer Something in her eyes intrigued him, and he was determined to discove Socialite Eden Carlbough didn't expect running a girls' camp to be easy, but these little monsters had her wishing she'd just stayed home. They literally drove her up an apple tree -- and she came crashing down into the capa Rich, gorgeous Whitney MacAllister possesses all the wealth and beauty every woman dreams of.

Reckless Whitney likes fast cars, vintage movies, and dangerous men. But even this jaded, high-living Manhattan socialite is taken by surprise when a strang Cordina was still a storybook place, but seven years ago Eve had learned that its villains were undeniably real. She had Theatrical agent Aurora Fields kept her personal life strictly separate from her professional one, but lines were crossed the moment she met David Brady.

He had asked her client to participate in his documentary on paranormal pheno Anna -- Daniel's wife of forty years -- relives her remarkable courtship, when meddlesome matchmaking patriarch and self-made millionaire Daniel MacGregor faced his biggest challenge: to convince the love of his life to marry him!

Here at last is the After years of world travel, prizewinning reporter Jason Law was back in Quiet Valley, New Hampshire, with the most difficult assignment he'd ever faced: winning back Faith Kirkpatrick, the woman he'd loved then left ten years before. Jason had found It was worse than winning the lottery--much worse. This bequest might mean more money, but the strings attached had Pandora McVie tied up in knots. Respecting Uncle Jolley's last wishes meant spending time isolated in the Catskills with Michael Donah She was settled, respected.

Her Black Coral Dive Shop was the best on the island. She no longer missed Houston, or thought about the man who didn't want her or their child. Her practical, no-nonsense father had had a dream -- sunken treasure -- and he'd left a map leading to a gold-laden ship. Determined to complete her father's explorati Coordinating the publicity tour for Italy's most famous--and most adorable--chef was just the kind of assignment Juliet relished.

Carlo Franconi could gather a crowd just by smiling, and watching him prepare a meal was like witnessing a lesson in pas Poor Brie could remember nothing; eve She was America's greatest celebrity photographer.

He was one of the world's most respected photojournalists. An even bigger problem was Kirby Fairchild, daughter of the world For Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe, tracking down the world-famous, notoriously private, horror-story writer Hunter Brown had become a personal quest. Her carefully planned ambush finally paid off at a small writer's conference in Flag As "Amanda Jamison," Ariel Kirkwood suffered stoically through the daily traumas of a popular soap opera.

She was adored by her loyal fans, as well as the real people in her life. Booth DeWitt had written hi Could a cordon bleu chef be a junk-food addict? The more Blake Cocharan learned about Summer Lyndon, dessert chef extraordinaire, the more intrigued he became-and the more determined he was to hire her.

Blake wanted the Best, and Summer looked extrem Jillian Baron was determined to make the Utopia ranch work -- for herself and to justify her grandfather's trust in her. Her heritage was important, and if making Her car had stalled on an isolated road in Maine, and Genevieve Grandeau found herself pounding on the door of an old lighthouse. But the man who answered the door wasn't the old seafaring gent she'd expected Grant Campbell was a loner--rude, Alan's father had said a MacGregor would as soon have a badger in the house as a Campbell.

Shelby's response was that given the family's idea of housekeeping, a badger wouldn' Was she foolish or wise to follow her instincts? The house had stood vacant for ten years, but Maggie Fitzgerald knew she could call it home. An award-winning songwriter, Maggie had sought peace and solitude from the Los Angeles celebrity hounds a Her competition with fellow reporter Matthew Bates went beyond professional rivalry; she fought the spark of sexual attraction as well.

But when the two of them became unwilling partners investigating a mysterious death, Laurel The MacGregor clan was closely knit. Caine MacGregor's sister had married Diana Blade's brother, but the emotions Caine felt meeting Diana had nothing to do with family -- everything to do with desire.

Caine was something of a ladies' man, a demo Her old life was a rut, one she was glad to escape. Then she was grabbed by a knife-wielding man on her first night in Greece, and she wondered if she would go on having any life at all. He was both The cards were stacked, though neither of them knew it. Serena MacGregor's father left nothing to chance when he sent Justin Blade -- part Comanche and all gambler -- on a Caribbean cruise.

His daughter was evading her responsibility to produce grand Directing commercials was a fine art, and she was more than good at it, but working with an athlete. At the g But it can be a volatile mix. Asher Wolfe and Ty Starbuck were tennis superstars-- incendiary Ty all fire and flash, Asher the ice princess with devastating control. Three years before, the combination had resulted in a passio When Phillip Kincaid was scouting locations for his new movie, he didn't expect the long arm of the law to point him in the right direction.

But when he was jailed for speeding, he realized Friendly, New Mexico, was just the godforsaken little town h James "Slade" Sladerman had practically been born to the force, but he wanted to be a writer, not a cop. No one was more different from him than Jessica Window, who was wealthy and working only because she wante Pop was all she had left, and she willingly set aside her own artistic ambitions to help him.

But David Katcherton had other plans for the The last thing Vance Banning needed was a charitable neighbor--especially the blond cheerleader type! But he had no idea how persistent Shane Abbott could be when it came to giving a helping hand--or a loving heart.

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For a while it looked as though John hardly expected the solution to her difficulties to come looming out of the fog on Fisherman's Wharf. However, the darkly handsome Colin Sullivan seemed the answer to any maiden's pray Sarah had to build something big, in her work and in her life. And Byron's searing kiss stirred wild longings in her no other man had touched. Her future as an archi Liv Carmichael was a glamorous Washington anchorwoman who always wanted to be first in everything: first to get the story; first to tell it to the public; and first in the heart of her man.

Thorpe was her r Each of them had had the opportunity, and each ha Only one woman, Ryan Swan, had guessed the pain that lay behind his art, the past he'd chosen to conceal behind the flash and th So Jovilette Wilder, the diminutive lion trainer, told Keane Prescott, the new owner of the circus. And he believed her. Night after night he had wa Ruth Bannion had never met anyone like Russian emigre choreographer Nickolai Davidov. Ruth was open, giving, but Nickolai's background had left him reserved, even wary, and his pride would not let him reveal his need for her. Fear of rejection ke Kasey Wyatt was an anthropologist, but her knowledge of men in general hadn't prepared her for one man in particular: Jordan Taylor.

She was to help him with the research for his novel, but the study of the human hear Lindsay Dunne had traded one career for another without leaving the dance behind. Then she met architect Seth Bannion, an intensely private man who loved his haven on the Connecticut coast. He loved the private Lindsay but feared that her need to So she took a vacation from her demanding New York job with prestigious Style Magazine to go home to Louisiana.

Gwen was sure that her mother had been duped by the successful and unscrupulous au Clark, the young and pretty manager of the Lakeside Inn, met the new owner, Taylor Reynolds, she was fully prepared to dislike him. For she feared-with good reason-that he planned to transform her sleepy old hotel No longer a gangly adolescent, but Cynthia Fox was still attracted to Lance Matthews.

Years ago, she had indulged in dangerous pleasures with a dangerous man -- the ruggedly ha When Laine Simmons comes to Hawaii for a reconciliation with her long-estranged father, she does not expect Dillon O'Brian, her father's handsome young business partner, to oppose her. But Dillon is convinced that Laine He was jealous, impossible and demanding. He was enigmatic, charming and aristocratic.

He made passionate love to her even while condemning her. So why in heaven's name Family obligations had led Samantha Evans to the land of windswept plains and towering mountains. But she had every intention of returning to the East after her sister's baby was safely born. When Bret Bardoff, owner and publisher of fashionable Mode Magazine, offered her a prestigious six-month contract, the sky w So Adelia had left Ireland to join him on what he had described as the finest horse farm in Maryland.

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Prescott Twins, no. 2

The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy - 1. Chasing Fire. Happy Ever After. The Bride Quartet - 4. The Search. Savor the Moment. The Bride Quartet - 3. Bed of Roses. The Bride Quartet - 2. Black Hills. Vision In White. The Bride Quartet - 1. The Pagan Stone. The Sign of Seven Trilogy - 3.

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A World Apart. Face the Fire. Three Sisters Island Trilogy - 3. Three Fates. Cordina's Crown Jewel. Heaven and Earth. Three Sisters Island Trilogy - 2. Midnight Bayou. Katie tries to shed her identical twin skin, Emily, establishing her individuality and seemingly trampling on her sister as she does so.

Although she is one of the more popular girls at Roundview, she is heavily disliked because of her dominant, nasty, and selfish personality, making her close to nobody in the gang. In Series 3, Katie tries numerous attempts to become Effy's best friend, which evidently doesn't go so well. When Freddie attempts to move on from Effy, he rebounds with Katie, which inevitably fails.

In Series 4, after learning of her parents' financial woes, she attempts to help her mother with a wedding planning business. However, when this fails due to Katie getting them fired, she is forced to move with her family into Naomi's house, much to her chagrin. She also learns that she went through a premature menopause, rendering her infertile.

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By the fourth series, Katie has a change in attitude and becomes much more respected by the gang and a source of strong support for Effy. Kathryn Prescott [2]. With her quiet and introverted personality, Emily is often bullied and taken advantage of by her dominant twin sister and depends on Katie to be the dynamic one. As the series progresses, she begins to come out of her shell and strives for individuality.

She began the series as a closeted lesbian , but eventually comes out to her friends and loved ones, including Naomi, with whom she is in love.

Skins: Who's had the most successful post-show career? We rank the cast (all 28 of them)

She develops a friendship with JJ, and allows him to lose his virginity with her, despite her sexual orientation. This, among other issues including Naomi cheating on Emily, causes problems between the couple over Series 3 and 4 although they reunite in the final episode of Series 4. She is angered by the lies Naomi told her in Series 7 about her terminal cancer, but stays by her side as she dies.

Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald. Franky is described as a smart, creative girl. Franky struggles to fit in at her new school, due to her androgynous dress-sense; but befriends Liv, Mini and Grace, though she is very wary of Mini. Despite making friends, Franky realises that popularity will cost her individual image and personality and reverts to her old clothes. This causes a threatened Mini to turn her back on her and she forces Liv and Grace to shun Franky, though Grace goes against Mini and remains friends with both girls. Franky is shown to be a keen stop-motion animator and is the adopted daughter of two army men, giving her a knowledge of guns and possession of an air revolver.

In series 6, she undergoes relationship troubles with Matty, after losing her virginity to him; he is forced to remain in Morocco after a disastrous car crash which takes Grace's life, and Franky declares she hates him. She later enters into a violent relationship with Luke, the drug dealer responsible for Matty's road accident, and later Matty's brother, Nick. When Matty returns, the brothers clash over whom Franky really belongs with, but ultimately she decides not to date either of them.

She also reunites with her sister, Clara, who takes her on an emotional visit to see her mother, who is in a mental hospital. Alo spends most of his time hanging out with Rich Hardbeck in his van. He owns a dog named Rags and has an interest in a wide variety of pornography from throughout the ages. He is seen as unlucky with women and fails to find a girlfriend.

In his centric episode, it is shown that Alo lives on a farm with his domineering mother and 'doormat' father, who are dismayed by his party lifestyle and poor academic achievement. After his father ends up in hospital, Alo promises to work harder on the farm and in college so he isn't permanently pulled out.

In series 6, he and Mini start a no-strings-attached relationship resulting in Mini's pregnancy, unbeknownst to him until the penultimate episode of the season where he walks in on Mini having an ultrasound done. He is initially rejected by her, leading to his relationship with a year-old girl. He initially did not want to have a baby, but after a talk with Rich decides to stand by Mini in her choice to keep the baby.

He and Mini make up and end up together, and he is present for their daughter's birth by Mini's side. Alexander Arnold. Richard "Rich" Hardbeck is a keen metalhead and Alo's best friend. His taste in heavy metal music occasionally causes consternation between the friends. Rich is very stubborn about what kind of girl he wants, and is largely unwilling to compromise, which causes problems when he begins to feel attracted to Grace.

Additionally, his dress sense, like Franky's, draws a dim view from Mini, which causes him to be considered one of the "outcasts" of the show.

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However he starts dating Grace and in Alo's episode the two consummate their relationship. This forces Mini to accept him as part of the group. Later on in series 5 Rich proposes to Grace to protect her from her domineering father, but they soon decide to just stay boyfriend and girlfriend. In series 6, he has struggles coping with Grace's death, until the series finale where he finally lets go. Mini is the Queen bee of her group of friends, Grace and Liv, and the most popular girl at Roundview College. She is very fashion-oriented, and has a very materialistic outlook on life. Her confident, bitchy personality acts as a security mechanism to hide her obsession over her weight and lies about losing her virginity.

The series begins with her and Nick dating; later episodes show Nick's infidelity with Liv, which leads to tension between herself and her boyfriend and best friend. Mini's arrogance and unpleasantness begin to fade later in the series, and she develops a very close friendship with Franky. Her protectiveness of Franky in the final episode of series 5 leads Liv to imply that Mini may be attracted to Franky, which was hinted at in the latter half of the series. In series 6, she begins a no strings attached sexual relationship with Alo which she makes him promise not to tell anyone.

This eventually results in Mini falling pregnant in episode 5 of series 6. After much decision making, she decides to keep the baby along with raising it and grows to love her unborn child which she finds out is a girl very much. She gives birth to her baby in the series finale, though she had complications with her pregnancy beginning in the ninth episode of the season. Liv is introduced along with Mini and Grace as a clique of three, and is described in the show's publicity as a "party animal". She is considerably more impulsive than Grace or Mini, twice drinking a whole bottle of vodka just as a means of apology.

In the third episode, she sleeps with Mini's boyfriend Nick and begins a short lived fling with him which damages her friendship with Mini. In her centric episode we discover that she has a sci-fi obsessed younger sister, a sister in jail and a new-age mother who often neglects her children. She later starts a relationship with Nick's brother Matty but feels threatened by his obvious feelings for Franky.

After Grace's death, she isolates herself from the rest of the group once Mini refuses to talk about it. She finds comfort in Alex, and parties frequently with him to cope with her pain. Once he goes away for a week, she has even more difficulty accepting her current situations and experiences a physical manifestation in her side. She comes to full acceptance of her death in the finale however as well as reconciliation with Mini and the group.

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  • Grace is the third member of Mini's clique. She has come to Roundview College from an all-girls school and enjoys ballet and acting. Despite being told not to by Mini, Grace begins a friendship with Franky which causes tension amongst the group. She sympathises with Rich's plight to find a girlfriend, eventually showing her interest in him in the third episode. Further on in the series she begins a full-blown relationship with Rich. In her centric episode, it is revealed that her father is Professor Blood.

    Fearing that his position would be compromised if it was found out that he has a daughter attending Roundview, he makes Grace assume the persona of "Grace Violet". He tries to make her leave Roundview college to return to her previous school, but he eventually gives up on her and she decides that she and Rich should remain a couple, but not get married yet.

    In the sixth series, Grace is killed in a car crash while the gang is on holiday in Morocco, and, having been the glue that held the gang together, her death fractures it. However, she continues to reappear in mysterious visions to the rest of the gang during their times of greatest need, particularly Rich her boyfriend , Liv who was her best friend and Franky who felt guilty for her role in Grace's death.

    Nick plays rugby for the school team. He begins the series in a relationship with Mini, and is frequently annoyed by her refusal to sleep with him. Eventually he sleeps with Liv whilst still in a relationship with Mini and seems to show strong feelings for her. We find out that Matty is his brother and they have a domineering father, a self-help coach, who views Nick as his favourite son. Nick eventually quits the rugby team and shuns his arrogant friends in favour of a lifestyle filled with partying. In series 6, he shares a kiss with new gay character, Alex. He also falls in love with Franky and has sex with her in episode 6.

    She officially ends the relationship, however, in the series finale and he is reunited with his brother. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Kathryn Prescott Emily Fitch Megan Prescott Katie Fitch Lily Loveless Naomi Campbell Luke Pasqualino Freddie Mclair Merveille Lukeba Thomas Tomone Lisa Backwell Pandora Moon Giles Thomas Doug Redd Smith James Fitch John Bishop Rob Fitch Antonio Aakeel JJ Jones Carla Nicholls Shop Security Allana Taylor Maria Victoria Wicks College Director Ronni Ancona Edit Storyline Since Katie will not leave the house Emily impersonates her to take her exam.

    Genres: Drama. Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English.

    Skins - The Prescott Twins Have A Showdown

    Runtime: 46 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Emily and Katie's mom tell Naomi that Emily is the younger twin. In reality Kathryn Prescott, who plays Emily, is the older twin, by six minutes. Goofs When Emily's mobile is ringing, it can be seen that it is muted.

    Quotes Katie : [ fighting over Emily ] She's my sister, you're just a slut!