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What Cancer Takes Away

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For personalized disease and treatment information and clinical trial searches. The Leukemia Cup Regatta is a thrilling series of sailing events that combines the joy of boating with the important task of raising money to cure cancer. Start your own fundraising campaign and create your own experience to support LLS. Every activity or big idea is an opportunity to start a movement to cure cancer. Choose LLS as your charity. Inspirational Stories A community of heroes for a common cause. I was originally diagnosed as Stage IV unfavorable in November during my freshman year at college, after being sick for a nearly a year and a half.

Game of Thrones, cancer and me…

I had every symptom in the book, and even after seeing every doctor imaginable, I had to be my own advocate and took myself to walk-in clinics and to the ER until I had a diagnosis. Diagnosed with ALL in 5th grade, my hopes for a normal and healthy childhood were quickly shattered.

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The impact on my family began as devastation but has since metamorphosed into restoration, healing, and a closeness beyond this world bonus, my brother and I have never fought since the day I received the news of my disease. Undergoing chemotherapy, a collapsed lung from the insertion of a medi-port, countless blood transfusions, developing shingles, and anemia throughout, those days non Blaine Davis.

Jason T. My name is Jason T. Needless to say that for a forty-something mother of three teenage girls this was a huge personal and family challenge to overcome. Under the care of Dr. Fein along with a great group of nurses, Susana was able to achie Caregiver Miami, FL.

When Your Spouse Has Cancer | Surviving Cancer | Stanford Medicine

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My Cancer Story - As Told By Me Not Some Other Dude

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